After Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast coastline of New Jersey and the surrounding area, I began collecting the remains left behind in its wake—floorboards, window frames, cabinets, furniture, exterior siding—anything that I could find that evoked life before the storm. My art continues to be inspired by traditional American patchwork quilt designs—designs that are familiar and comforting. I create new relationships between color, proportion, texture, and surfaces and never interfere with the original colors. The faded colors and tattered surfaces of the wood are a nostalgic glimpse into the past. The visual history of the salvaged wood – the chipped layers of paint, the nail holes, the grain- tells a story. Using a grid system, mathematical proportions, and symmetry, I transform this salvaged wood into something new, fresh, and familiar. The work is rooted in repetition and pattern to mimic life, growth, regeneration, and tells a new story: What once was, is born anew.

Scrapped, 2014Meadow of DelightDetail, Meadow of DelightBarn RazingTrifectaChicks and HensSurge, 2014Center StageBig Deal, 2015Detail, Big DealBy the BlockOnezie, 2015Detail, OnezieIn the Thick of ItSandy's FollyPlaidSpot On, 2014Around the BlockFour PlayOn PointAcross TownOff of CenterConstructionsAll Over the News, 2015A Change on the Horizon, 2015Ties that Bind, 2015From All Angles, 2016Love Divided, 2016On Track, 2016